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Your Teen Will See the World and Their Place in the World with New Eyes.

Your Child’s Safety


Student Safety Precautions

  • The students are under 24-hour direct supervision by approved staff members and are in the eyesight of staff at all times.
  • Each staff member has gone through background checks and has been thoroughly vetted and is trusted to work with our students.
  • CMA has security cameras in all the houses.
  • Staff, students, and mission teams never travel outside campus after dark.
  • Campus visitors only travel in groups. No one will ever be off alone or in pairs.
  • When we leave campus, we frequent the same places. Each of these places is familiar with our program, staff, and students.
  • We have a good working relationship with both the local police in our area and the national tourist police. We have been successfully working with both of them for a long time, and have had good experiences and relationships.
  • CMA is in a gated community. We lock our gates at night and employ gate guards at all times.
  • In addition to 24-hour supervision, the entire CMA campus is surrounded on all sides by neighbors we know and trust.

We take every precaution to protect the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. Because we take this seriously, we have never had an experience where a student’s safety was in jeopardy. Our staff is diligent and we take deep responsibility in caring for those on our campus while they are here. 

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Your Child’s Safety

Your teen is safe at our Christian boarding school campus – located in a gated community with 24-hour supervision of trusted staff-members.