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Who is Crosswinds?

, Who is Crosswinds?
Crosswinds were founded in 2012 when a Christian organization called Lifeline Youth & Family Services decided to expand its successful programming for children and families in the court system to include programming for everyday families in crisis. For years, Lifeline had been receiving calls from families in desperate need of help to get their family or troubled child back on track. Lifeline began by launching an In-Home Family Counseling program to provide struggling families with therapy in the privacy of their own homes. Shortly thereafter, another non-profit joined with Lifeline, allowing them to add a residential option for teens struggling with more serious issues. With this added component, Lifeline was able to oversee the birth of Crosswinds—an entirely new organization, dedicated to helping and restoring youth and families in crisis.

, Who is Crosswinds?Crosswinds, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a faith-based organization, rooted in strong Christian values. With over 50 years of experience working with individuals, families, and communities, our non-profit ministry has helped reclaim, restore and rebuild thousands of families.  We are committed to helping families in crisis experience healing and lasting change. Our faith-based programs do not offer a “quick fix,” but rather a long-term solution to the problems families are facing. Our commitment to faith is something that goes beyond our founders and by-laws. It truly is at the core of why we do what we do. Our Christian faith shapes and upholds our commitment to operate with integrity, providing excellent and personalized care to the families and teens we serve. At Crosswinds, we recognize that each family is different, and therefore no two treatment plans will look the same. Our team focuses on helping the whole family learn how to work together to be the best family they can be.

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My counselor genuinely cares about me and my mental and emotional health. But more than that, she cares about my relationship with the Lord. She does an excellent job at melding together the science and practices behind mental health and Scripture.   – Crosswinds counseling client

I am in ministry. Yet, I knew that my spouse and I needed a “tune up” in our marriage after a challenging season in ministry and personal life. After Sessions every other week for a year we are in a much healthier place as we strive to move forward as a couple and as a family.  – Crosswinds counseling client

For more information on Crosswinds please visit www.crosswinds.org

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Who is Crosswinds?

Crosswinds, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a faith-based organization offering successful programming for children and families.