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Therapeutic Approach


Each and every teenager is a complex and unique individual with a unique set of struggles and challenges. However, there are a number of struggles that teens face that may have similar characteristics. This is where a label such as “troubled youth” may become effective. It should not be used as a way to put them in a box, but rather to diagnose their behavior as somehow negatively different from the norm, therefore prompting parents and family members to seek help.

christian youth struggling with schoolThe dictionary defines the word “troubled” as meaning: “exhibiting emotional or behavioral problems.” Obviously, this is a broad definition, meaning that the term “troubled youth” also has a broad range of meanings. But here are some things to look for that may signify that troubled youth have crossed over from what are “normal” emotional or behavioral issues for teens to something more serious.

Caribbean Mountain Academy provides licensed mental health counseling for teenagers, in an intense 24/7 setting, far from the distractions and cares of the teenager’s home in America. Our program model is shaped around the counseling theory for change known as the Stages of Accomplishment. We help our residents progress through a natural change process for the specific struggles that were preventing them from living in their homes successfully. We are also educating and helping parents prepare for the teenager’s eventual return home.

In order to have an objective measure for therapeutic progress, we do track the student’s progress and have a tiered system that shows the student and parents where the student is at within the stages of change. We utilize various evidence-based practices in our counseling sessions and our therapists are all trained in areas such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused CBT, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). The counselors at Caribbean Mountain Academy all have Master’s degrees in counseling or social work and are supervised by a licensed therapist.

Some evidence-based treatments our therapists use include but are not limited to:

• Behavioral Interventions
• Cognitive Based Therapies
• Family Based Therapy

  • We offer an opportunity to address deeper struggles. We are equipped with qualified counselors that help students get to the heart of what they’re wrestling with. As a teen’s deeper struggles are addressed, outward change begins to show.
  • We offer a faith-based approach. For teens who are needing to grow in their faith, there are often numerous opportunities to learn and participate in faith-based activities. We offer weekly church services, youth groups, and daily devotion times, all of which are optional to our students.
  • Ours is a holistic approach to counseling. Teenagers in our care are involved in individual and group counseling. Many also have weekly family counseling (online) to encourage building lasting support structures for the teens when they come home.
  • Service projects in a 3rd world country help encourage empathy and care. Our students have a unique opportunity to learn empathy and the value of caring for others that cannot be duplicated in America. Another aspect of this service element is that they have been shown to reduce depression and increase self-confidence.

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