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Caribbean Mountain Academy Therapeutic Boarding School for Trouble Teens

An Affordable Therapeutic Boarding School
for Struggling Teens

Your Teen Will See the World and Their Place in the World with New Eyes.

Skilled Counselors

Weekly individual, group and family counseling sessions with licensed counselors and therapists.

Beautiful Campus

Nestled in a tropical paradise, far away from your struggling teen’s normal surroundings, life-change happens in our facility.

Spiritual Growth

Our boarding school program offers your struggling teen opportunities for mentorship, discipleship, and spiritual growth.


When you send your teen to Caribbean Mountain Academy, they will be involved in a life-changing mission. Teams work alongside the students in construction, children’s ministry, sports, and medical outreaches. Caribbean Mountain Academy was created to be a place where students would have the opportunity to serve those in a culture much different from the one, they grew up in. 

A Therapeutic Boarding School That Brings About True Life Transformation

Limited Time: Rates As Low As $3,000/mo.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a year-round, Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens that are struggling with behavioral issues or academics. We minister to American troubled teenagers in crisis.  Caribbean Mountain Academy pulls them out of the crazy environment that they’re in, giving them a place to step back and take a look at their life. It is intentionally located in an environment that is uniquely able to bring about an astonishing change in the attitudes and actions of today’s entitled depressed and troubled teenagers.

“The very rare aspect that makes this program so powerful is the unique setting. While immersed in a Caribbean community that lacks wealth and today’s latest technology and trends, students are amazed to find that the inhabitants are content and truly wouldn’t have it any other way! Along with expert counseling, the teenagers learn to be content and appreciative of the simple life as well, leading to a true transformation in their attitude and behaviors.”
— BestTherapeuticBoardingSchools.com

Individual, group & family counseling sessions! Students recover lost high school credits through Apex learning! A unique opportunity to safely experience another culture! Hiking, waterfalls, beach trips & picturesque mountain views!

Caribbean Mountain Academy

Offer your struggling teenager a fresh start and a place of healing at our campus! Family-Based Counseling Caribbean Mountain Academy desires to see families heavily involved in their troubled teen’s journey, and our goal is to see families restored. Weekly family and individual counseling sessions are focused on restoring relationships, introducing healthy boundaries, and practicing good communication between parents and teens.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a faith-based ministry, which means that faith is foundational to who we are. When Jesus was on this Earth, he was known for hanging out with broken people and completely transforming their lives. The staff at Caribbean Mountain Academy desires to see the same for their students.

Service Projects
Caribbean Mountain Academy students participate in service projects two days each week. Serving others has been shown to reduce depression and increase a feeling of well-being and purpose. It also helps teach students empathy and the value of helping others. If your struggling teen feels like they have made too many mistakes in life, helping others reminds them that they are capable of making a positive impact on those around them.

Classes are completed through Apex Learning Virtual School. They are fully accredited and even offer AP courses approved by College Board. Caribbean Mountain Academy students are able to work at their own pace and can make up lost credits, or even work ahead on high school classes.

Students enjoy adventure activities such as mountain hiking, going to the beach, zip lining, or river rafting. Adventure activities help students learn in a fun environment. Caribbean Mountain Academy students grow in self-confidence when they achieve things they’ve never done before.

Relationships at our boarding school are often deeper because of the lack of distractions. Students are unplugged from cell phones, technology, and social media while they are in the Caribbean Mountain Academy program. They connect with other students and staff on a whole new level and are encouraged to have a mentor.

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We can also help you in your search for other schools for military boarding schools, private therapeutic schools, help for troubled teenagers, therapeutic boarding schools, best boarding schools,  or faith-based boarding schools. Caribbean Mountain Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers offering teen counseling. We deal with defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control girl or boy, please think about Caribbean Mountain Academy, a school for troubled teens that offers counseling for troubled teens and out of control teens. If you are searching for residential treatment centers, troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one.

Caribbean Mountain Academy Therapeutic Boarding School for Trouble Teens

Caribbean Mountain Academy therapeutic boarding school's mission is to see the lives of at-risk teens transformed and families restored.