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The Success Leadership Program by CMA

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therapeutic boarding school

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Caribbean Mountain Academy Presents …


It is with great joy that we offer the Success Leadership Program to your family. Our aim at SLP is to provide teens an amazing opportunity for high school, college preparatory academics, pared with once in a lifetime experiences of personal growth, adventure and cross-cultural service.

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Pursue your High School diploma
Complete your GED
College Preparatory
Begin College Courses Transition to Job & Trade Prep

On-Campus Life Prep & Internships

Let’s partner together to develop a personalized vocational internship or trades program that will prepare you to enter your future career with confidence!


Whether it is tubing down a river, swimming in waterfalls, or hiking up the Caribbean’s highest mountain, you will get to experience all that the Dominican Republic has to offer through the Success Leadership Program.


The Success Leadership Program is accredited by Christian Schools International and provides an experience centered around helping teens find success in their academics, character, and relationships. We run a blended classroom that utilizes the nationally recognized APEX Learningcurriculum and software, along with our own licensed teacher(s) to provide a personalized approach to meet your son or daughters individual academic needs.  The SLP goal is to increase both the quantity and quality of their academics overall to prepare them for their next step.

*due to COVID-19, it may be possible to dual enroll in both your local school district’s online curriculum and our courses. Please schedule a consult to discuss with our administrator prior to enrollment.

Community Service

While academics are very important to us in the Success Leadership Program, we also believe that a good education must also address your character.  Serving others is the #1 way to build positive character traits such as empathy, hard work, and thankfulness.  Each of our SLP students has the opportunity every week to go into the Dominican Community and give back through our partnerships with local churches, pastors, and community leaders.  It is through these experiences that SLP students learn hands-on how to use their gifts to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Life Prep Coaching & Internships

While SLP students are away from home, it’s important for us in the Success Leadership Program to provide all the necessary coaching and experiences to equip your teen for life in the real world.  With this in mind, we offer individual and group life prep coaching to really dig into what their biggest areas of needed growth are and to create an age-appropriate plan for learning those skills.  This could be as basic as working on social and relationship skills, and as advanced as on-campus jobs and internships!


As parents, we love hearing about the positive things our children are experiencing. At our the Success Leadership Program, students definitely enjoy the adventure activities such as mountain hiking, going to the beach, zip-lining, or river rafting. These opportunities also give them fun things to tell their family about. Adventure activities help students learn in a fun environment.

SLP students grow in self-confidence when they achieve things they’ve never done before. Students also have opportunities to learn teamwork as they work together to achieve their goals. For example, they get to cheer their fellow students on up the mountain or encourage their river rafting buddies to keep paddling. We find that these are also great bonding experiences for the students. The SLP staff also uses adventure activities as teaching opportunities. Conversations naturally come up about teamwork, leadership, and their own relationship with God. It’s a fantastic way to open up deep and meaningful conversations in a non-threatening or upsetting way.

Spiritual Discipleship

Success Leadership Program is a faith-based ministry, which means that faith is foundational to who we are. We desire to take every opportunity to help others learn about who God is and the redemption that is possible through building a good relationship with Him. When Jesus was on this Earth, he was known for hanging out with broken people and completely transforming their lives.

The staff at Success Leadership Program desires to do the same for their students. They hope that when students discover Jesus’ love for themselves, they will receive a transformation that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Students don’t need to be a Christian to attend Success Leadership Program. We welcome people of all faiths. Students are able to choose their level of participation in our faith-based activities. For those students who desire to form a personal relationship with Jesus, we offer Bible studies, devotion times, and weekly church and youth group activities.


SLP Acceptance Criteria:

  • Students need to be ages 15-18
  • Do not have an IEP or BIP
  • Capable of age-appropriate academics
  • Are not in need of regular or ongoing mental health counseling

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Located in tropical mountains, The Success Leadership Program is a Christian college prep boarding school providing students with superb academics and lifetime experiences of adventure and cross-cultural service.


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