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Teen Counseling


teen counseling at Caribbean Mountain AcademyCaribbean Mountain Academy offers excellent counseling for all of its students. Much of our counseling happens as the students are busy with fun activities, which are the times that troubled teens are most open and accepting of counsel. 

Some of the other counseling that we offer includes:

-We offer an opportunity to address deeper struggles. We are equipped with qualified counselors that help students get to the heart of what they’re wrestling with. As a teen’s deeper struggles are addressed, outward change begins to show.

-We offer a faith-based approach. For teens who are needing to grow in their faith, there are often numerous opportunities to learn and participate in faith-based activities. We offer weekly church services, youth groups, and daily devotion times, all of which are optional to our students.

-We offer a holistic approach to counseling. Teenagers in our care are involved in individual and group counseling. Many also have weekly family counseling (online) to encourage building lasting support structures for the teens when they come home.

-Service projects in a 3rd world country help encourage empathy and care. Our students have a unique opportunity to learn empathy and the value of caring for others that cannot be duplicated in America. Another aspect of this service element is that they have been shown to reduce depression and increase self-confidence.
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Contact Caribbean Mountain Academy To get more information about the counseling services offered by Caribbean Mountain Academy, please call 866-318-7392, or get more information about our counseling services through the Contact Us page.

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