Our faith-based summer program for at-risk youth is a time of healing and service in a beautiful, tropical setting in the Caribbean – therapeutic boarding schools for boys and boarding schools for troubled children.

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Your Teen Will See the World and Their Place in the World with New Eyes.




With summer soon approaching, you may be concerned about how your teen will fill their time, the choices they will make, and who they are spending time with. Caribbean Mountain Academy’s eight-week faith-based summer program offers help for struggling teens and hope for their future. 


How Will Caribbean Mountain Academy’s Summer Camp
Help My Teenager?

Our summer program for troubled teens offers daily structure with counseling, education and credit recovery, service projects within the surrounding community, and service based activities! Created and directed by national Christian family ministry Crosswinds, our therapeutic boarding school is one of a kind in the experiences and opportunities that it can offer your troubled teen! This unique experience can turn this summer into a time of hope, healing, and respite for your teen and the entire family.


  • Building Projects – Help local families, communities, churches, and schools who are in need, by assisting to complete various work projects that will enhance their health, safety, or effectiveness. 
  • Sports Clinics – Partner with international and local organizations and churches to lead youth sports clinics within low income neighborhoods and communities, showing love to these children through relationships, quality time and athletics.   
  • Community engagement – Serve the community by assisting with various clean-up projects, painting, or landscaping that will make a positive impact on the community.


  • Hiking / Camping – Every year we take students on a 3-5 day hike up Pico Duarte, the largest mountain peak in the Caribbean.  In addition, there are countless other hikes and peaks that we get to explore as we build physical endurance and enjoy the view of God’s creation.
  • Waterfalls and Rivers – Located up in the mountains, we are able to swim and play in many beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and lagoons, while building confidence and relationships with peers and mentors.
  • Beaches – Only 2.5 hours from both the North or South Coasts of the Island, we are able to take monthly trips to enjoy the Caribbean sun, beaches and waves.   This allows space for quality rest and fun, and sometimes we even get to snorkel or ride boats to view the reefs, fish, and other creatures.

2021 Summer School Dates:
June 18 – August 15, 2021 
Call 877-594-9204 for details.
Admissions:  Spots are limited, submit an application to see if your teenager is eligible for our program.
For more information please call 877-594-9204, text 260-238-8939, or email info@crosswinds.org.

Click here to download our 2021 CMA Summer Program flyer to learn more 



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We can also help you in your search for other affordable residential schools, boys homes, teenage boarding schools or homes for troubled boys, please let us know. We deal with defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control girl or boy, please think about Caribbean Mountain Academy, a school that offers counseling for troubled teens. Our therapeutic boarding school helps boys and girls who are at-risk and having behavioral and emotional issues such as reactive attachment disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. If you are searching for residential treatment centers, you have found one. This program for troubled teens is among the best therapeutic schools. Our therapeutic boarding school provides counseling and therapy in a beautiful Caribbean setting.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools — CMA’s Summer Program

Our faith-based summer program for at-risk youth is a time of healing and service in a beautiful, tropical setting in the Caribbean