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Student Testimonial | David’s Story

Student Testimonial | David’s Story

David grew up in Michigan with his older sister and parents. When David was in elementary school his parents got divorced. The divorce led to new sets of rules which later led to rebellion in late middle school and then high school. David never felt motivated in school. This led to ongoing conflict with his parents. Later David rebelled in other ways. He very much wanted to “fit in” even when “fitting in” led to very unhealthy decisions.

“When I came to CMA I wasn’t planning on changing much… Overtime I started listening to staff and my counselor and talking to my parents.”


Watch the video to learn more about David’s story. If you believe your teen could benefit from a therapeutic boarding school. Don’t wait. Take the first step in finding healing today.

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“The decision to pull a student out of their home context is a really big step. It’s often the right step for a family and when that step is needed, we’re here and we’re available. Our plan at CMA, and our hope is to spark lasting change in a student’s life and then get students back into the home context as quickly as possible.”
Andrew Stroup
Andrew StroupExecutive Director

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