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Student Life

, Student Life

Weekday Schedule

7:30 – 8:15 am: Breakfast in the Pavilion
8:15 – 9:00 am: Devotionals

Morning devotions are led by various campus leaders at our therapeutic boarding school. We allow students to choose their level of participation. All students are expected to attend with a respectful attitude, and those who desire to learn more are encouraged to participate. We believe that allowing students the option to participate creates genuine change and curiosity rather than “faking it” in order to achieve rewards.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm: Weekly Programming

Programming is divided by gender, female & male students attend alternating days for the following schedule.


On Mondays, students select electives such as art, physical education, and exploring the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday & Thursday: School

In school, students benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio and from one-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher. Students do their studies through an online program that helps students to learn the material at their own pace. This has allowed many of our students to recover lost credits and even get ahead in their school work.

, Student Life
Wednesday & Friday: Service Project

Service projects help students develop empathy and compassion as they encounter people in need. Service projects also help boost students’ self-esteem and self-confidence as they give back and learn more about the world around them. Some projects that students have done in the past include:

  • • Building houses for families in need.
  • • Helping to lead VBS or baseball camp.
  • • Building a basketball court for a local church.
5:30 – 6:30 pm: Dinner at the pavilion
6:30 pm: Evening Activities

Evening activities vary throughout the week. Some events, such as youth groups, family meetings with their house parents, and counseling sessions happen on a weekly basis. During the rest of the week, students get to select from fun campus activities. Some activities that students have enjoyed include:

  • • Playing board games at the house
  • • Basketball or soccer games
  • • Working out in the campus gym
  • • Spending quality time with their mentor
, Student Life
9:30 pm: Bedtime
Weekend Schedule

Saturday: Adventure Activities

On Saturdays, students participate in adventure activities with staff members. These activities are a ton of fun and provide natural teaching opportunities for our staff to connect with students. For example, students often learn about teamwork, communication, and perseverance. Adventure activities include:

, Student Life

  • • Visiting the beach
  • • Mountain hiking
  • • Rock climbing
  • • White water rafting
  • • Zip-lining
  • • Horseback Riding
  • • Exploring waterfalls
  • • Playing in rivers and streams
  • • Visiting local pools, restaurants & stores
Sunday: Church & Free Day

Church on Sundays is led by our campus pastor and is open to members of the community. Our church service is modern and contemporary. Many local missionaries join us in worship each week. As with all of our faith-based activities, students are given the freedom to choose their level of participation.

A Note From the Director

There are many ways Caribbean Mountain Academy’s program has benefited students over the years. The Caribbean Mountain Academy Director, Andrew Stroup, shared one story about how the summer program deeply impacted a student who was struggling with the peak hike.

“She was kind of huffing and puffing and the staff was coaching her the whole way. Later that night, we asked her how it went. She was like, ‘I made it up the mountain! My entire life everybody told me that I can’t do anything and that I’m worthless. But today I climbed a mountain and nobody can take that away from me.”

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools — About CMA’s Student Life

Student life at our therapeutic boarding school in the Caribbean is all about fun, adventure, peace, beauty, healing, and community.