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Pillars of Our Program

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The 5 pillars of the CMA Program

“The 5 pillars make us who we are, and if you take one away, we’re not Caribbean Mountain Academy anymore. We have a high success rate with students, and we believe these pillars are the reason why”– Caribbean Mountain Academy Director, Andrew Stroup

Many parents identify with at least 1 of the 5 core pillars of Caribbean Mountain Academy. These pillars define the school and the experience families get when they send a student to Caribbean Mountain Academy. They are the foundation of what Caribbean Mountain Academy does and helps the school stand apart from other Christian boarding schools.

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Pillar 1. Family-based Counseling

Crosswinds believes that families are the foundation for student success. Crosswinds CEO Mark Terrell says, “We are going to work with you, mom and dad, as much as we’re going to work with the child that is in our program. [Caribbean Mountain Academy’s interventions] will be successful if you decide to work just as hard as your son or daughter is. If you do that, you’ll be amazed at the success.”

Caribbean Mountain Academy desires to see families heavily involved in their teen’s journey, and their goal is to see families restored. To work toward these goals, they provide weekly family counseling sessions, weekly individual counseling for your teen, as well as parent counseling sessions as needed. These counseling sessions are focused on restoring relationships, introducing healthy boundaries, and practicing good communication between parents and teens.

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Pillar 2. Relationship-oriented Mentoring

Caribbean Mountain Academy Director Andrew Stroup says, “I think students really enjoy the highly relational component of the program. They have adults who are older than them but not so old that they can’t relate with what they’re going through, or with the dynamics of being a teenager. Our students look up to our house staff and really do value and crave their relationship.”

Relationship-oriented mentoring – group of kids at play Relationships at our therapeutic boarding school are often deeper because of the lack of distractions. Students are unplugged from cell phones, technology, and social media while they are in the Caribbean Mountain Academy program. They connect with other students and staff on a whole new level. We feel it’s one of the greatest strengths of our Christian boarding school. Because of the way we run our program, our students are able to form close bonds with staff as they do life together. Biweekly service projects and adventure activities help build community as students and staff participate together. Evening programming is centered around activities that students enjoy, such as basketball or board games, and allows students to know the staff in a fun context. “It’s a tight-knit community,” Stroup says, “From a Christian perspective, it’s the most beautiful church community I’ve ever seen or experienced.”

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Pillar 3. Adventure-based Learning

As parents, we love hearing about the positive things our children are experiencing. At our Christian residential treatment center, students definitely enjoy the adventure activities such as mountain hiking, going to the beach, zip-lining, or river rafting. These opportunities also give them fun things to tell their family about. Adventure activities help students learn in a fun environment.

Students grow in self-confidence when they achieve things they’ve never done before. For example, one student said after a long and difficult hike, “My entire life everybody has told me that I can’t do anything and that I’m worthless, but today I climbed a mountain and nobody can take that away from me.” Students also have opportunities to learn teamwork as they work together to achieve their goals. For example, they get to cheer their fellow students up the mountain or encourage their river rafting buddies to keep paddling. We find that these are also great bonding experiences for the students. The staff also uses adventure activities as teaching opportunities. Conversations naturally come up about teamwork, leadership, and their own relationship with God. It’s a fantastic way to open up deep and meaningful conversations in a non-threatening or upsetting way.

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Pillar 4. Service Projects

Students participate in service projects two days each week. Serving others has been shown to reduce depression and increase a feeling of well-being and purpose. It also helps teach students empathy and the value of helping others. If your teen feels like they have made too many mistakes in life, helping others reminds them that they are capable of making a positive impact on those around them. It’s a great self-esteem booster and we’re proud to have it as a core part of Caribbean Mountain Academy’s boarding school for troubled teens.

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Pillar 5. Spiritual Discipleship

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a faith-based ministry, which means that faith is foundational to who we are. We desire to take every opportunity to help others learn about who God is and the redemption that is possible through building a good relationship with Him. When Jesus was on this Earth, he was known for hanging out with broken people and completely transforming their lives.

The staff at Caribbean Mountain Academy desires to do the same for their students. They hope that when students discover Jesus’ love for themselves, they will receive a transformation that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Students don’t need to be Christian to attend Caribbean Mountain Academy. We welcome people of all faiths. Students are able to choose their level of participation in our faith-based activities. For those students who desire to form a personal relationship with Jesus, we offer Bible studies, devotion times, and weekly church and youth group activities.

Ready to be a Part of Your Teen’s Transformation? Parents are able to be involved at our therapeutic Christian boarding school by visiting the campus beforehand, participating in family and parent counseling sessions, and building a strong support system for their teen to have back home. The 5 pillars of Caribbean Mountain Academy are foundational to who we are, and parents often relate to many of them. The pillars include family-based counseling, relationship-oriented mentoring, adventure-based learning, service projects, and spiritual discipleship.

AFTERCARE:  Preparing Parents for Their Teen to Come Home

“We do all we can to both make a lot of really good changes here, but when they go back home they also have enough support around them to maintain it.” — Caribbean Mountain Academy Director, Andrew Stroup

Caribbean Mountain Academy’s goal is to build up the family so that they can be a strong support structure for their child when they come home. Family and parent counseling sessions help parents prepare to support their teens and protect them from outside harm. The counselor will help parents choose appropriate boundaries for their teen so that their child won’t fall into old habits at home. 

Once a child comes home, family counseling sessions continue for another four weeks. This is to help your teen have a better transition back to family life. If the counselor believes further sessions are needed, they will give you recommendations to qualified counselors in the area. It is up to you to follow up with one of those counselors.


Parents have chosen our therapeutic boarding school for many different reasons. Some Include…

Poor Peer Choices: 
If your child has fallen in with a bad crowd, they will begin to adopt the behaviors and attitudes of that crowd. If they are unwilling to separate themselves from negative influences, they may need a fresh start away from home. Poor peer choices are often an indicator of a larger problem and we can help address that.

Dangerous Life Choices: 
Often poor peer choices lead to dangerous life choices including drug or alcohol abuse or becoming sexually active – risking STDs and pregnancy. They may be participating in illegal and dangerous activities. If these life choices continue without intervention, the consequences could be life-long and damaging. In this case, Crosswind’s Christian boarding school for troubled teens, Caribbean Mountain Academy, is an opportunity to provide a fresh start and new perspective.

Mental Health Concerns: 
Around 1 in 5 teens will experience a serious mental disorder in their life. Some common mental disorders are depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, eating disorders, and PTSD. If your child is experiencing mental health struggles, and counseling has not helped, they may be a good fit for Caribbean Mountain Academy.

Crosswinds counseling has pointed out that “victims of abuse often have low self-esteem and self-worth, making them more susceptible to troubling behavior in their teen and adult years.” These students can find healing from a broken past. Unfortunately, it is common that children in adoptions and in the foster system have experienced trauma from their previous homes. They may be a good fit for the Christian boarding school as well.

Truancy from School: 
If your child has been skipping school and has done poorly in classes no matter how many different interventions you’ve tried, Caribbean Mountain Academy can help them recover school credits. There are fewer negative distractions here. Students will be unplugged from technology, and their school computers block all web pages except for school work. Students are often able to get caught up and can even get ahead in their studies.

Many of our students have been adopted into amazing families yet have struggled to make a healthy transition. Past trauma can results in detachment issues and self-destructive behavior, leaving parents of the adopted teenager feeling helpless. Caribbean Mountain Academy specializes in adoption counseling and will work with the whole family to begin re-establishing a healthy family unit.

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We can also help you in your search for other boarding schools, troubled teen boarding schools, Christian boarding schools or therapeutic schools, please let us know. We deal with defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control girl or boy, please think about Caribbean Mountain Academy, a school that offers counseling for troubled teens. Our therapeutic boarding school helps boys and girls who are at-risk and having behavioral and emotional issues such as reactive attachment disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. If you are searching for residential treatment centers, you have found one. This program for troubled teens is among the best therapeutic schools. Our therapeutic boarding school provides counseling and therapy in a beautiful Caribbean setting. Let us know if you need help with therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, boarding schools troubled teenager or affordable boarding schools.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools — CMA’s Therapeutic School Program

CMA has 5 therapeutic pillars which define the school and the experience families get when they send a student to Caribbean Mountain Academy