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As the parents of a teenager, we all go through trials during the teenage years. Peer pressure, a growing desire for independence, increasing concern about body image, and many other factors can all contribute to rocky times at home. It may be normal for parents and teens to struggle, but at what point is necessary to seek help? At Caribbean Mountain Academy we believe that counseling is the first step in getting help for a struggling teen, and there are times when you need a little extra help. Enrolling your teenager in a Christian residential treatment center is a big deal for everyone involved. We hope that watching videos and reading reviews from the parents of our graduated students will help to ease your mind as you begin to consider a residential treatment center for your child.


“Our son was lost and had no sense of his own self-worth. Through the dedication and Christ-based love of the staff at CMA our son came to realize that his worth was found in the simple fact that Christ gave his life for him. This fact has changed his outlook and his smile and genuine joy are evidence of the amazing work at CMA.”

“Oh I knew I could not rationally help her the way I wanted to, I just wasn’t equipped for that. The people at CMA were so inclusive, loving, and patient. They gave me just a sense of ‘We have seen this before. You are not the first person that has told us the story about their child,’ and I came away with such a sense of peace, that this was where the Lord wanted her. Even though this wasn’t what any of us would have chosen, He was going to do a miracle. I walked away brokenhearted but with such hope that this was the change that needed to happen, even though it was hard.

 I have watched this change through the amazing Skype talks several times a week, and emailing her weekly, I have watched this progression, just to be able to see her in the flesh, as I have not been able to hold and touch her for over a year. It’s like I have my child back, the little girl that brought us joy up until the last two years is here again! It’s a miracle!”

–Anna’s Mom

“Caribbean Mountain Academy saved our son’s life. He is kind, compassionate, and a joy to be around. We are incredibly grateful for the time that he was in the program.”

“Our son’s time at Caribbean Mountain Academy was a watershed experience not only in his life but for our whole family. We have each gained peace and joy in the present and renewed hope for a flourishing life in the future. We will always be grateful to the wonderful staff at Caribbean Mountain Academy for walking with our family through those dark times and truly showing Christ’s love to our son during his stay there.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caribbean Mountain Academy for all you have done in the life of my daughter. We took her to Caribbean Mountain Academy five months ago and have seen her changing little by little over this time for good. In the beginning, we had no relationship with her and her behavior was unacceptable. Being surrounded by your loving staff, having one-on-one counseling, being in a different environment, and helping others through mission work have made a huge difference in her life. After four months, we went for a visit and I was blown away by how loving and happy my daughter was. We had such an amazing time with her as a family. The campus is beautiful and the nature is breathtaking. We went horseback riding through the mountains and ended up at this beautiful waterfall. Then we went river rafting and swam in the rivers. We haven’t had so much fun with her in years!! And I can’t wait to go back for another amazing time with her. We were able to spend quality time with her and do a family counseling session while there. I witnessed my daughter’s change firsthand—she was open to us and embraced us like never before. This would have never happened if it wasn’t for you guys. We are truly thankful for your great work and dedication to my daughter. She still has many months to go, but I am really excited for her outcome when she finishes the program.”

“My wife Helen and I wanted to personally thank you and your staff in the DR for an incredible education for our daughter. We could not have gotten to this stage on our own and are eternally grateful to your fine staff. It is evident that God is working thru all of your team. Thank you again, and please feel free to use my wife and I as ambassadors for your school with other families considering this option.”

“For the first time in 3 years, I knew our girl was safe and loved and in God’s hands, not mine. We have experienced much healing. Travis, the therapist I spoke to at first was great. He took the time to speak with me and listen. My original call with him lasted over 2 hours. He never rushed or judged. He gave hope, hope for our girl to find grace and exception. The staff at CMA were huge and still are in her life. Joel, her therapist – she related wonderfully to him – what a great relationship! If you as a parent are considering what to do for your child, the advice I would give to you is to pray, pray and pray some more. If this is where your child should be, He will make the way. our child’s being at Caribbean Mountain Academy was a direct, tangible answer to my seeking God for an answer as to how to help her. How to keep her safe until she knew she is chosen and worthwhile. He opened every door I needed help with and closed over what we didn’t need.”

“Our boy had an amazing experience first and foremost meeting God one on one. He tells me for the first time in his life he was able to find serenity and peace at CMA. He always had challenges with obeying house rules, accepting direction, and submitting to particular boundaries. He was inherently lacking motivation, direction, enthusiasm, and hope in his teen years. He worked through these issues with the help, guidance, leadership, patient and continually consistent motivation, and the genuine love he received from staff members and leaders., Words could not express how deeply grateful I am for the entire team at CMA for their continued, untiringly, unwavering, persistent, display of genuine care and love, concern, knowledge, and goal-oriented approach in helping my son work through issues that could have destroyed his adult life. “

“When my wife and I called, we were out of solutions and running on empty. We immediately felt encouraged. From the start, the intake staff was very helpful, understanding, and calming. We spent a lot of phone time with them and we never felt rushed. It was a lengthy process for us and we never felt pressured. We were given names and numbers of other parents who were willing to speak to us and we found that to be invaluable. We worked through every question we had about our daughter going and made the decision that this was our best shot for helping her. She has been there a couple of months and we are already seeing changes. We talked on the phone last night and she actually said “it’s kinda nice not having a cell phone” WOW. As far as back at home, my wife and I have been able to take a deep breath and regroup. It is a wonderful thing to know our daughter is safe, well cared for, and is being given a second chance to make important changes in her life after so many other avenues not being helpful or viable.”


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Therapeutic Boarding Schools like Caribbean Mountain Academy are a positive, life-changing experience for struggling teens.