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Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the Caribbean

Caribbean Mountain Academy is the perfect place for your troubled son or daughter.

Caribbean Mountain Academy’s low-cost therapeutic boarding program is operated by a popular Christian Counseling service in Indiana called Crosswinds Counseling.  This adolescent-focused facility could have been built anywhere — but Crosswinds specifically chose this remote Caribbean location. 

, Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the CaribbeanThe location is actually the BEST reason to select Caribbean Mountain Academy over therapeutic boarding schools closer to your home.  In the unique multi-cultural setting, students are influenced by island locals who are happy with a life that is built on the basics of life.  That offers an attitude-changing experience for entitled teenagers, that can be found nowhere else.

You are likely researching Christian therapeutic boarding schools since your teenager has come to a low point when it is time to find solutions outside of the home. Self-destructive behaviors, anxiety, adoption, trauma, depression, and the loss of a positive future focus can disrupt the life of an otherwise bright and lovely young person. That is why Caribbean Mountain was developed by Crosswinds Counseling.  It is a therapeutic boarding school specifically designed to offer lifelong healing for your teen. Everything Caribbean Mountain does is focused on life-change, better thinking and relationships, respect for self and others, and the positive pursuit of life goals.

, Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the Caribbean

On top of the daily therapy and mentoring, that makes Caribbean Mountain Academy so successful, it also features fun times like breathtaking mountain trekking, beach adventures, and therapeutic hands-on work among local impoverished children.  Getting away from peers and the negative and spoiled culture back home, teens here gain an entirely new perspective.

Caribbean Mountain Academy’s goal as a residential treatment center serving at-risk teens, is to prepare students for a better way of thinking about and reacting to life and relationships with others.  Caribbean Mountain is unique in that it operates in an environment where the locals are happy and content with a more simple way of life, free of the negative and entitled culture kids face today.

, Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the CaribbeanThe Christian therapeutic boarding school works with teens from across the globe. Typical students, ages 13-17, have social, emotional, behavioral, or learning challenges. This program inspires self-confidence that moves once-troubled teens to choose a better life for themselves.

Well-qualified Christian therapists and teachers work through behavioral and academic issues. They offer solutions tailored to each teenager’s learning style and ability.  The academic program of Caribbean Mountain is fully accredited by Christian Schools International and uses the customizable APEX digital curriculum.  A low teacher-to-student ratio and small, single-gender classrooms minimize distraction.  Credits are transferrable back to the student’s local school or to colleges.  Students at Caribbean Mountain are tutored and led by teachers who help them keep up and also recover missed credits and prepare for SAT and college entrance exams.

Call or inquire online now to learn more about how Caribbean Mountain’s uniquely located therapeutic boarding school will inspire significant change in your teenager’s attitudes and actions. 

On the Caribbean Mountain Academy campus, teens get to participate in adventure-based education and individually-tailored academic restoration. Unplugged from mainstream life and social media, teens cultivate real-life relationships under the 24/7 supervision of trained counseling and program staff. They will also experience the local culture as they serve the community. Their supervised trips to mountains, waterfalls, and beaches teach important life lessons – every experience is a teachable moment! These experiences allow your teen to let down their guard, get vulnerable, and truly discover themselves.

A vital benefit of this cutting-edge program in the Caribbean is the absence of negative influences. Instead, teens experience a positive therapeutic boarding community, perfect for fostering lifelong transformation. That’s why boys and girls come here from around the world.

Here is where, your adolescent will have their attention re-focused on their education, purpose, and life goals.  Your child will begin to see the world and their place in the world with entirely new eyes.

, Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the CaribbeanWith an emphasis on holistic wellbeing, each teen receives personal, group, and family counseling sessions with a licensed therapist. At the same time, this therapeutic boarding school offers optional spiritual discipleship. Local community service efforts foster empathy, reduce depression. 

As you are researching to find therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, please consider how the unique remote Caribbean location that Caribbean Mountain Academy has chosen can be a part of finally providing your teen with the change in thinking that they need. 

Feel free to examine the unique advantages of this one-of-a-kind residential treatment campus in the Caribbean. You won’t discover anything that comes close to it while searching for other therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Mountain boarding school for troubled teens is ready to help your teen boy or girl embark on a fresh, new path for healthy, lasting change in attitude and actions!

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Crosswinds Therapeutic School in the Caribbean

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens struggling with behavioral or academic issues.