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Caribbean Mountain Academy–Helping Teens with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Caribbean Mountain Academy understands that you need to find help for your teen suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder, and we are here for you. We offer your struggling teenager a fresh start and a place of healing on a beautiful Caribbean island—unplugged from negative distractions and influences. Plus, family-based counseling, Christian discipleship, meaningful service projects, fully-accredited academics, fun recreation and a supportive community of students, staff, and counselors. To learn more, call 866-318-7392.

Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder in Teens

We can help your teen if they suffer from
Reactive Attachment Disorder (or RAD), a rare but serious condition that leaves them unable to form a healthy emotional attachment with the mother (or primary caregiver). Reliable care of a baby’s physical and emotional needs enables them to learn to bond, and devoid of that (i.e.: from temporary foster care, adoption), they may have difficulty establishing any close bonds.

There are two types of RAD (sometimes also known as Reactive Attachment Disorder).  One may find your teen acting detached, unemotional, inhibited or introverted.  With the other kind of RAD, they might be unbecomingly familiar or affectionate with complete strangers.

Many children who were adopted exhibit attachment disorders in their teenage years.  A stable and sustaining environment is necessary for your teen to learn to create healthy attachments and relationships.  Emphasis on family therapy is also critically important in the treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder, encouraging communication between you and your daughter or son.  This helps your teen avoid developing mounting social and behavioral issues later in life and, rather, go on to enjoy healthy relationships with you and with others.

Caribbean Mountain Academy’s trained counselors and licensed therapist can help your teen girl or boy who struggles with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Please consider the safe healing environment, and effective therapy that we offer to help your young teen improve their behavior and relationships back at home. Give us a call now. 866-318-7392.


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Caribbean Mountain Academy–Helping Teens with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Caribbean Mountain Academy is an affordable Christian therapeutic boarding school helping troubled teens with reactive attachment disorder.