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Boarding School For Troubled Teens


Christian therapeutic boarding school in the caribbeanIt’s entirely normal for teens to go through a time of rebellion. This often results in trouble at school and home and strained relationships with parents. Thankfully, some options can help support your son or daughter back on track. This program’s focus is not only on academics but also on spiritual development. They can help teenagers restore healthy relationships with their peers, siblings, parents, teachers, and other authority figures. 


As a parent, you probably want to know what your teen will be getting help with at an emotional growth boarding school. Each school takes a slightly different approach but focuses on the same significant goals. This program provides a safe and nurturing space to encourage growth in several areas. Parents appreciate that their teens can get help in these areas at once. They often find that their teen returns home seeming completely different than when they left!

-We offer an opportunity to address more profound struggles. Our school has qualified counselors that help students get to the heart of what they’re wrestling with. As a teen’s deeper struggles are addressed, outward change begins to show.
-We offer a faith-based approach. For teens needing to grow in their faith, there are often numerous opportunities to learn and participate in faith-based activities. We provide weekly church services, youth groups, and daily devotion times, which are optional to our students.
-We offer a holistic approach to counseling. Teenagers in our care are involved in individual and group counseling. Many also have weekly family counseling (online) to encourage building lasting support structures for the teens when they come home.
-Service projects in a 3rd world country help encourage empathy and care. Our students have a unique opportunity to learn compassion and the value of caring for others that cannot duplicate in America. Another aspect of this service element is that they have been shown to reduce depression and increase self-confidence.  

boarding school for troubled teensWHAT CAN A CHRISTIAN PROGRAM ADD?

While any boarding school with a compassionate approach is likely to help your teen, a Christian program maybe even better. The teachers and mentors can point your teen toward Jesus in each step of their emotional growth. One of the keys to growth is helping teens find purpose in their life. Knowing Jesus is a great way to gain a sense of purpose!

Caribbean Mountain Academy believes that our faith-based approach can make the difference between change that lasts for a short time and change that lasts for a lifetime. Our staff is deeply committed to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Caribbean Mountain also has a campus pastor who lives on-site and leads a mid-week youth group meeting and a Sunday morning church service. We want the teens we work with to experience genuine heart changes and not feel the need to pretend to achieve rewards. We don’t require students to participate in our faith-based activities, as we believe this causes more harm than good. They are, however, expected to attend these activities with a respectful attitude, which is also an excellent skill to develop for the future. For students who desire to explore their faith more deeply, there are discipleship opportunities they can pursue with the staff, such as daily devotions or one-on-one mentoring. Caribbean Mountain Academy is a non-denominational Christ-centered organization, and our campus is as well. We can work with and respect students and families of all faith backgrounds. Our program does not require any decisions to be made about their faith.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic Call us at 866-318-7392 or email info@caribbeanmountainacademy.com, and we will be in touch immediately. We can help restore hope to your teen and your family!

troubled teen boarding school in the Caribbean

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