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Student Testimonial | David’s Story

David grew up in Michigan with his older sister and parents. When David was in elementary school his parents got divorced. The divorce led to…

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Boarding School Testimonial | Parker’s Story

After being adopted at birth, Parker’s adopted mother died when he was 9. Parker started seeking attention in negative ways. He turned to self-harm and…

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Student Testimonial | Nate’s Story

Nate fell into the wrong crowd. He was smoking weed and always high. He sacrificed his relationship with his parents and his Christian friends in…

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Jessie’s Story CMA Student Testimonial

Jessie's mother knew she had to act fast. Her daughter was weeks away from 18. The daughter who had once been very close to her…

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Angry Teen Or Something More

Angry Teen or Something More? Have you ever been on the receiving end of an angry outburst by your teenage son or daughter? If so,…

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4 Ways You Can Help Your…

Relationships are one of the most significant aspects of life. It is inevitable that your teenager will suffer the loss of a friend or family…

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