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top academic boarding school for at-risk teens in caribbeanStudents typically arrive at Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) behind academically. Some have failed previous semesters and are under-performing as a result of poor life choices. Caribbean Mountain Academy offers year-round open enrollment. After acceptance and upon arrival, CMA staff examine the student’s previous transcript and transfer over all completed semester credits (partial credits are not transferred). The education coordinator then creates a plan for graduation, showing what classes have been completed and what classes still need to be completed. When a student leaves, they are provided with a transcript. To date, home high schools have always credited the work done by the students at Caribbean Mountain Academy.

Teacher-Led Education

academics The classroom is monitored by two teachers who tutor and guide students through APEX Learning Virtual School. Each week, students receive fifteen hours of schooling. Though this is half of what a student would receive in a traditional school setting, by removing passing periods, attendance checks, study halls, and other extraneous activities, CMA students actually have more time than average students to focus on the core subjects of math, English, science, and social studies.

Our teachers are equipped to accommodate a wide range of learning disabilities. Class sizes are small, which helps our teens get a lot of individualized attention. Classes are divided by gender, which creates less opportunity for distraction.


In addition to normal classroom hours, students have the opportunity to select from a variety of electives. Some of the electives include learning Spanish, art classes, gym, and experiences in the Dominican Republic.


boarding schools for teens with excellent academics Our school is additionally accredited through Christian Schools International

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