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Caribbean Mountain Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and residential treatment center for at-risk teens. The school offers year-round enrollment to English-speaking teenagers in crisis (Age 13 – 17). The property was purchased in 2012 and has since been owned & operated by Crosswinds.

Caribbean Mountain Academy offers a wide variety of opportunity that aims to unify families and turn today’s struggling teens into tomorrow’s leaders. Program highlights include accredited academics with opportunities to recover lost credits, family and individual counseling, service projects in the local community and adventure activities only found on a Caribbean Island. Your teenager can explore waterfalls, hike mountains, visit the beach or go white water rafting!

Our campus spans 30 exotic acres and features a fully-equipped weight room, basketball court, soccer field, and much more. The priceless views, 24/7 supervision, mentoring, and (optional) spiritual discipleship from staff that desire to see your teenager thrive give your child a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a fresh start!

The goal of our program is to equip our students for a healthy life. Our goal is not to solve all of their problems but help them to be able to work through things in a healthy way while becoming healthy themselves. We do this by teaching them how to identify a good vs. a poor choice. Showing them how to navigate those situations and walk out better choices. We then allow them to practice those skills and then prepare them for reintegration into everyday life.

  • Individual, group & family counseling sessions!
  • Students recover lost high school credits through Apex learning!
  • A unique opportunity to safely experience another culture!
  • Hiking, waterfalls, beach trips & picturesque mountain views!
  • Opportunity for spiritual growth!

“The decision to pull a student out of their home context is a really big step. It’s often the right step for a family and when that step is needed, we’re here and we’re available. Our plan at CMA, and our hope is to spark lasting change in a student’s life and then get students back into the home context as quickly as possible.”

-Andrew Stroup, CMA Campus Director



If your teenager is struggling with any of the following issues Caribbean Mountain Academy is the solution.

  • Academic Issues: Suspension, Expulsion, Falling Behind in Credits
  • Behavioral Issues: Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anger, Defiance, Disrespect for Authority or Attachment Disorders
  • Struggling with Family Integration: Adoption, Blended Family, Death of Family Member
  • Struggling With: Depression, an Eating Disorder, Anxiety or Substance Abuse

Please note that CMA will not accept the following students: Acute physical aggression (continually violent), students in need of drug detox, actively suicidal, youth who engage in sexually abusive behavior, students with significant mental or physical disabilities.

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Caribbean Mountain Academy, a low cost therapeutic boarding school, has the mission to see troubled teens transform and families restored.